The best underfloor heating deserves the best thermostats to control it with.

Accolade’s new Touch Panel Thermostats have an ingenious, feather touch panel built into its sleek, polished glass face - and with no more faded plastic surround, it looks as good as it performs! This thermostat is the perfect partner to your underfloor heating system, providing hassle-free, economical and sophisticated control of every aspect of your underfloor heating system.

This model can be easily programmed to provide you with the perfect heating schedule to reflect your busy lifestyle.

·         Stylish, polished glass face with chrome framing
·         Internal and external sensors – allows independent control of both air and floor temperatures.
·         Adaptable, 7-day programming.
·         Up to 6 x scheduled heating events per day.
·         Simple, one button over-ride facility – allows easy changes to the scheduled program.
·         Low & high temperature protection facility.
·         Simple lock facility – prevents accidental re-programming or tampering.
·         3600 watt, 16amp capacity.
·         18 month manufacturer’s warranty.
·         Three separate sensor settings, accessed via the Menu settings:
o   “IN” = control  UFH using the internal sensor only
o   “OU” = control  UFH using the external (floor) sensor only
o   “AL” = control  UFH using both internal and external sensors (this is the recommended setting)

Available in either Diamond White or Piano Black