The best underfloor heating deserves the best thermostats to control it with.

Accolade’s Touch Panel Thermostats have an ingenious touch panel built into its polished glass face - and with no more faded plastic surround, it looks as good as it performs! This thermostat provides hassle-free, economical and sophisticated control of your underfloor heating system and can be easily programmed to provide the perfect heating schedule for any situation.

·         Stylish, polished glass face with chrome framing
·         Internal and external sensors – independent control of air and floor temperatures.
·         Adaptable, 7-day programming.
·         6 x scheduled heating events per day.
·         Simple, one button over-ride facility.
·         Available in Diamond White or Piano Black
·         3600 watt, 16amp capacity.
·         18 month manufacturer’s warranty.
The Accolade Wi-Fi thermostat

A Wi-Fi thermostat is the ultimate in thermostat control, providing full command of underfloor heating from anywhere on the planet via an App on a smartphone or tablet.

All Wi-Fi thermostats are not born equal however and finding the right thermostat can be a minefield. Some Wi-Fi thermostats advise when to change electricity tariffs. Others can be used as a digital photoframe. There is even a thermostat that gives traffic alerts! To make matters even more complex, some thermostats require a Hub - another costly box of electronics connected to a router which allows a thermostat to communicate over Wi-Fi.

At Accolade, we decided to avoid all the gimmicks (and the hub!) and spent a year sourcing a Wi-Fi thermostat that really delivers on form, function and reliability. A Wi-Fi thermostat that is straightforward to install, connect and use. A thermostat that does exactly what it should - control underfloor heating systems from a smartphone or tablet - brilliantly!

So, with an Accolade Wi-Fi thermostat you get:

  • No gimmicks
  • No hub
  • No complicated set-up
  • No unreliable connections
  • No need for a degree in computer programming!

Instead you get:

  • Straightforward and dependable Wi-Fi set-up on 2.4GHz signal
  • An App that's logical to navigate and easy to configure
  • A reliable and common-sense user interface
  • A stylish, quality product that works - every time!
  • An 18 month manufacturer's warranty
  • Excellent telephone support - should you ever need it!

Luxurious warm floors come as standard - the breath of fresh air is courtesy of Accolade.