Underfloor Heating - an "off the wall" concept?

Heat. We simply can't do without it. We all assume it's there when we need it. at the touch of a button or flick of a switch our homes heat up and provide a safe, comfortable environment to live and work in. But with energy costs spiralling ever upwards isn't it time to re-assess exactly how we heat our homes?

Our natural instinct is to go with the familliar and for most of us that's the good old central heating radiator. Yes, that great big lump of metal hanging off the wall looking like, well...a great big lump of metal hanging off the wall! Surely it must have some redeeming features for us to put up with it's unsightly looks, a tendency to leak dirty water over the carpet and take up a huge chunk of wall space within a room...so let's look a little closer.

  • Why, in the 21st century would we choose a heating system where the heat source (yes, it's that great big lump of metal again!) has to be so hot it could easilt scald anyone touching it?
  • Why, when technology is moving forward at an incredible rate, would we choose a heating system that circulates dust, dries out the air in a room and is much warmer at ceiling height than at floor level (when was the last time you sat on the ceiling)?
  • Why, when there are credible alternatives, would we choose a heating system that requires regular maintenance and every radiator needs "bleeding" periodically in order to maintain efficiency?

Suddenly, the trusty old radiator doesn't seem quite so attractive, but what's the alternative? Well, the alternative is the 21st century equivalent of of a heating system that's been around for over 3,000 years - underfloor heating! Accolade's "Living Heat" Amorphous ribbon system to be exact.

  • An advanced system that turns your floor into a giant, invisible, low temperature radiator, freeing up to 15% extra useable space within a room.
  • A cost-effective system that can be fitted below any floor covering, with a unique mat design that guarantees no hot spots or cold spots on the floor.
  • A responsive system that reaches optimum temperature in just a few minutes and can be programmed to accommodate different temperatures and different time schedules for each room.

"Ah", I hear you say, "That all sounds brilliant. So good in fact that it'll cost a small fortune to buy, install and run the system - right?" Wrong!

  • Purchasing the "Living Heat" UFH system costs lesss than some "low tech" wire based systems.
  • Installation is quick, easy and requires no maintenance whatsoever - Zilch! Nothing!
  • Running costs can be reduced by up to 30% over a standard convective heating system.

The heart of the "Living Heat" system is the space age Amorphous metal heating element. This metal has the internal structure of a liquid and operates at just 30 - 32 ºC (compared to 55 - 60 ºC of a wire based system). Amazingly, this reduced operating temperature is achieved without compromising room temperature or comfort.

Studies have shown that occupants of a room with underfloor heating are comfortable at temperatures up to 4 ºC lower than other systems such as central heating or forced air. This occurs because undefloor heating uses radiant heat (think of the sun heating you through a window and you've got the idea) to heat occupants from the ground upwards and not from the ceiling downwards.

Convective heating methods such as central heating systems heat the air around the radiator and as the warmed air rises towards the ceiling it will cool and fall towards the floor to be re-heated again. This method of heating wastes energy as it heats the airspace within a room  rather than the occupants. The warmest area within a room heated by convective heat is the ceiling! Accolade's "Living Heat" system turns that concept on it's head - literally!

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Underfloor heating: A 3,000 year old idea that's bang up to date!